Wilford the Bear

Nature photographer Robert Martinez spent three years hoping to capture a certain bear he was familiar with, and had named Wilford, taking a nap in front of his camera, something he finally achieved this month (July, 2022).

Wilford the Bear was caught on Martinez’s camera trap lounging for a full four hours in Angeles National Forest in the mountains north of Los Angeles as he dug himself a bed and took a nap. Here's what Robert Martinez had to say about the video:

Wilford the bear makes a bed and takes a long nap in the Angeles National Forest on July 6, 2022. As if he wasn’t already lovable enough, check out this gentle giant lying down for a little rest and relaxation after digging himself a bed and then spending four hours in it. I was expecting Wilford to show at this spot, but I definitely did not expect him to do this right in front of my camera.

This footage was pretty rewarding considering last year I discovered one of Wilford’s beds, the day after he was using it, and then I thought how cool it would be to capture him bedding down on camera someday. Well a year later, a lot of patience and a little bit of luck, Wilford gives us this gift. A glimpse into his life in the wild, just being himself on a peaceful summer morning.