TJ's, Dec. 27, 2020

Trader Joe's, Dec. 27, 2020

Beer - We'll call ahead and have them reserve a case of the TJ's Double IPA named Botswain - we'll have them put your name on it. A case contains 8 six-packs so that's 48 beers - sometimes they need to know that to figure out how to ring it up.

Along the refrigerated wall on the right-hand side as you walk into the store:

  • Pico de Gallo salsa (onions, peppers, and tomatoes): 1
  • Salsa Especial: 1
  • California rolls, or any kind of sushi rolls, usually 6 to a package: 2
  • Carrots - orange ones, not the multi-colored ones: 2

Out in the produce area:

  • Potatoes: 6
  • Jalepeños: 1 pkg or 10 if they're loose
  • Tomatoes: 1 package of between 4 and 6 organic large-ish with stems and vine attached

Meat section, the north wall next to produce section:

  • Cold cuts - Columbus brand if available: Salami, Pastrami, Black Forest Ham, surprise us and get 6 packages of those three and some others :-)

West of produce area toward Dairy refrigerator section:

  • Beef stock (right-hand shelves while walking to dairy section): 2

Dairy Section

  • Chocolate pudding: 1
  • Rice pudding: 1
  • Eggs - dozen JUMBO: 1
  • Kombucha (glass bottles to left of eggs) I think the brand name is Synergy: Gingerade and Watermelon if avail.: 2

In Bread Dept to left of eggs:

  • Kringle: We don't know what flavor will be in but it doesn't make any difference, just 1 - they look like this: 
  • Corn tortillas if available: 1

In Chips/Drink Aisle 

  • Garden Patch tomato juice: 2

In Dog Treats Section, to the left after leaving Chips/Drik Aisle

  • Salmon Jerky: 2
  • Chicken Tenders: 2