Editor Training and Experience


  • Linda Tran
    • Faith and Sage; A Pharmacist Mom’s Dealings With Children’s Eczema
      Six blog posts per month are featured on this website. I edit the blog posts for content, grammar, usage, etc.
  • Leslie Taber
    • Fire in the Desert (Submitted to the publisher as of 06/15/2024) by Leslie Taber
    • Comment: “Kent Duryee recently edited the manuscript of a book I had written about the desert being a spiritual path. After just one round of edits, I immediately felt extremely confident in Kent’s abilities. As a writer, I found it such a relief to find an exceptional editor like Kent who is able with ease to correct grammar, spelling and typing errors. Kent, however, takes editing a step further. He is truly an expert at intuiting the deeper meaning behind the written word. He targets pointed, concise suggestions that result in much greater overall clarity and understanding. I was very grateful to have Kent’s years of experience and well-honed expertise as an editor behind me.” Leslie Taber
  • Dr. Dawn Menge, PhD
  • Academic Papers
    • I've been working at universities and junior colleges as a web developer for over 20 years now. I've provided free editing services to students at all of the institutions I've worked at. I don't have names to share, but I've kept track of the papers I've edited and the total comes to over 500. They are primarily creative writing, history, geography, geology, psychology, and philosophy papers.



My recent training at Udemy.com totals 18 hours and 23 minutes of study time in editing courses. Each of the courses taken at Cal State San Marcos were semester-long courses taken over a three-year period.

  1. Course Info: Become a Copy Editor & Proofreader (Udemy)
    Instructor: Russel Brownlee
  2. Course Info: Write Masterful Fiction: All-in-One Essentials Course (Udemy)
    Instructor: Russel Brownlee
  3. Course Info: How to Become a Freelance Editor (Udemy)
    Instructor: Laura Briggs
  4. Course Info: Certification in Editing and Proofreading - Masterclass (Udemy)
    Instructor: Dr. Krishna M. Sharma
  5. Course Info: Kickstart a Freelance Editor & Proofreader Career (Udemy)
    Instructor: Duncan Koerber
  6. Course Info: 7 Lessons  on Writing for Becoming a Standout Writer (Udemy)
    Instructor: Duncan Koerber
  7. Course Info: How to Find & Correct Writing Errors; The Proofreading Guide (Udemy)
    Instructor: Duncan Koerber
  8. Course Info: Proofread Like a Pro (Udemy)
    Instructor: Clare Lynch
  9. Course Name: HIST 301 - Historical Methods & Writing (California State University San Marcos - CSUSM)
  10. Course Name: HIST 620 - Directed Capstone Research, Writing, Editing, and Production (CSUSM)
  11. Course Name: LTWR 318 - Writing and Editing in Community (CSUSM)
  12. Course Name: LTWR 475 - The Writing and Editing Process (CSUSM)
  13. Course Name: LTWR 501 - Advanced Topics in Writing Studies (CSUSM)
  14. Course Name: LTWR 545 - Advanced Creative Writing (CSUSM)

Upcoming Training

  1. Creating a Persuasive Website for Your Freelance Business
  2. Authentiity Reading
  3. Creating, Leading, and Benefitting from Writing Communities
  4. Digital Marketing Primer
  5. Tracking Editorial Projects from Start to Finish
  6. Introduction to Medical-Legal Editing
  7. Bemystifying Macros
  8. Introduction to Google Analytics for Editorial Professionals
  9. Underrstanding Styles and Templates in MS Word
  10. Introduction to Coaching Academic Writers
  11. The Art of Feedback