Castledale: Littlerock Castles + Almondale = Castledale!


Here's a map of a slice of Littlerock that shows the Littlerock Castles way over on the left (west) side, and the former location of Almondale, which is now Kepple Acadamy, on the far right (east) side. Pearblossom Hwy travels along the very bottom of the picture, and toward the top, Ave. U is covered by a red line that was drawn by Google to show the accepted town limits of Littlerock according to Google Maps.

The houses just south of the Littlerock Castles (outside the red circle) were built in the 1980s and I'm not sure if they're considered part of the Castles or not. The wash at the far left of the image is of course Littlerock Creek, and the Desert Bizzare, if you remember that giftshop, is in the lower-left corner, kitty-corner from the Shell Station. In the center of the image on the bottom, you can see Charlie Brown Farms, which is a produce/gift shop that's been there since the late 1960s. The McDonalds to the right of Charlie Brown Farms wouldn't be there if I still lived in Littlerock. :-)

Click on the images to view them full-size:

Littlerock, CA
Littlerock, California

And I just noticed there are no street names on the satellite image so here are some to get you oriented:

Littlerock Map