Yang Gui Fei Mounting Horse

Horse of a Different Color

Published 29th Oct 2022
Dawn on Lake Superior

Duluth Canal Cams

Published 14th Oct 2022
Uhtred, in The Last Kingdom

Howling Huskies

Published 8th Oct 2022 2 comments
John Perry Barlow

Principles of Adult Behavior

Published 3rd Oct 2022
Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady


Published 13th Sep 2022
The Mormon Battalion

The Mormon Batallion

Published 12th Sep 2022
Susanna in Salem Jail

Susanna North Martin

Published 13th Jul 2022
Letter page 2

Writings of Jacob Eugene Duryée

Published 10th Jul 2022
Hourglass in sand

Sands of Time

Published 7th Jul 2022
View from the boulder, Cabeza Prieta National Wildlife Refuge, Arizona

My Own Little Assortment

Published 6th Jul 2022
Calizonasotan Posts