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Howling Huskies

8th Oct 2022 in

So, first of all, a few words about the show we were watching that initiated the vigorous howling. The show is The Last Kingdom, and it's about the Vikings as they settled and raided throughout England, roughly between 700 CE and 1000 CE. It's an amazing story, and has totally become a part of who I am. The main character is Uhtred Ragnarson. Bernard Cornwell wrote the series of books the show is based on, and he based Uhtred on a man who lived about three generations later than the story is said to take place. Turns out that gentleman is my 29th great-grandfather. No wonder I love the show :-)  He was born a Saxon/Briton, but at a young age was taken by Vikings and raised in the "Danish" community. He becomes involved with British royalty, and one of the most fantastic things about the story is that all of the royal characters were actual people during that time. For one example, Lady Aethelflaed, ruler of Mercia and the English midlands, ruled from 911 until her death on June 12, 918. In 2018, a statue of Aethelflaed was raised to honor the 1,100th anniversary of her death. It's in a town named Tamworth, which was the capital of Mercia when Aethelflaed ruled there. Uhtred and Aethelflaed fell in love but couldn't become a couple. I'll leave the rest of the story for you to explore. It's on Netflix.

Anyway, whenever anyone yells or shouts in the story, our husky Odin responds quite vehemently. Here's a video of Odin starting up, and initiating Maya into a duet. It's quite lovely...turn it up! 



Tania Malven (not verified)     October 09

Gene and I don't have cable so we check out the DVDs from Tucson Public Library and watch a whole season at a time. Love it.

Kent     October 09

In reply to by Tania Malven (not verified)

I know, right? I've been through all 5 seasons twice, and I'm on the 3rd time through. I just LOVE the story :-)

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