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Eliza Dean

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Eliza was my 3rd great-grandmother. She married Jacob Duryee and together they had 11 children, 7 boys, and 4 girls. The oldest of the boys was Abram, my great-great-grandfather, and leader of the Duryee Zouaves during the Civil War.

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Eliza's Monument
Eliza's Monument

Eliza Duryee formerly Dean
Born about 27 Jun 1795 [uncertain] [place of birth?]
Daughter of Isaac Dean and [mother?]
[brothers or sisters?]
Wife of Jacob Duryee — married [marriage date?] [marriage location?]
[add spouse?]

Mother of Abram Duryee, Isaac Duryee, Jacob Duryee, Mary Duryee, Sarah Duryee, Joseph Woodward Duryee, Cornelia Duryee, Noah Wetmore Duryee, Madeline Wetmore (Duryee) Seaman, Charles T. Duryee, and William Bedloe Crosby Duryee [add child]
Died 4 Jun 1848 at about age 52 in New York, United States


Eliza was born in June 1795. Her birth date is engraved on her tombstone, but erosion has made it difficult to read the actual date in June. It looks like June 27, but it could also be June 22. As of March 2023, the date is still unsure. Here is a close up of Eliza's entry with her birth date. The month of June and the year 1795 are very legible, it's just the day of the month that's illegible. There is no documentation that I have found yet that can answer the question. She passed away on June 6, 1848, (due to an "abcess (sic) of liver" as is noted in the document linked below from Green-Wood Cemetery), and is buried in Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York.

Here is a transcript of the Green-Wood Cemetery Interment Record for Eliza (the original is linked to below under Sources).

  • Line: 4392
  • Interment Date: 6 June 1848
  • Green-Wood Burial No.: 4,800 (Eliza was the 4,800th person to be buried in Green-Wood Cemetery)
  • Name: Eliza Duryee
  • Born In: New York
  • Residence at Time of Death: New York
  • Address: 131 Monroe
  • Age: 53
  • Married: Yes
  • Cause of Death: Abcess of liver
  • Lot: 615
  • Undertaker: M. A. Burrill



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