Roy Rogers

So, I was in 4th or 5th grade around 1975. Yes, I'm aging, thank you. I attended a Catholic school in Palmdale, California on the Mojave Desert. If anyone is interested it was St. Mary's Catholic…

Published 5th May 2024

Calvin and Hobbes - The End

Such a tear-jerker, but so so cool at the same time. Get a bunch of tissue before you start. Trust me. Calvin's Last "Calvin? Calvin, sweetheart?" In the darkness, Calvin heard the sound of Susie,…

Published 16th Apr 2024

Thomas Jefferson Meets Hippies

Thomas Jefferson Meets Hippies; Thoughts on Agrarianism and Counter-Culture by Kent Duryée 1670 Words

Published 18th Oct 2023

Eastern Sierra Nevada - Summer 1917

My grandparents, Harvey Hoag Duryée and his wife, Grace Bartlett Kissam Duryée, moved to Southern California from New York in the very early 1900s, probably around 1905 if not a bit before. With them…

Published 26th Jun 2023

Stills & Collins

So Steven Stills of Crosby Stills & Nash, and Judy Collins were in love. Unfortunately, they weren't meant to be a couple together and they split up. In an interview with The Guardian in 2017,…

Published 14th Jun 2023


The pub was around the back to the right

Published 24th May 2023

History of Littlerock

This is from an old website:

Published 2nd May 2023

Eliza Dean

Eliza was my 3rd great-grandmother. She married Jacob Duryee and together they had 11 children, 7 boys, and 4 girls. The oldest of the boys was Abram, my great-great-grandfather, and leader of the…

Published 18th Mar 2023

The Wind

I wrote this on the day that the author Edward Abbey died, March 14, 1989. My thoughts were revolving around him living in a trailer at Arches National Monument, (now a National Park), when he was a…

Published 16th Jan 2023

Duryee - Harald Blåtann

So, I've been working with my DNA at WikiTree, building out my family tree. I've been dealing with my dad's side of the family which goes back about 10 generations to the early 1600s when our…

Published 2nd Nov 2022