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Calizonasotan Blog

Being from Southern California, with a decade of living in Arizona, and now my extended visit to Minnesota gave me the name "Calizonasotan" for my blog. It has become a collection of biographical and historical information rather than the day-to-day journal which I had intended it to be.



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I take pictures of things and they migrate here. The picture at the top of the front page is of Mono Lake. I took it on May 1, 2015. Since the pandemic, my photography has been severely limited. Before that all started I was out nearly every weekend if not every day taking pictures of landscapes and nature in general. We have two huskies, though so you can count on a lot of canine pictures.




Coyote's Kitchen

Southwestern cooking and then some...

I grew up on my dad's turkey ranch in the Antelope Valley on the Mojave Desert, north of Los Angeles. Mom was a great cook, and from early on I took an interest in cooking. She taught me a lot, not just about cooking, but shopping for and preparing food as well, but I think watching her cook turkeys for family gatherings was what really piqued my interest in cooking.