Old Duryee family photos scanned and cleaned/restored using Photoshop.
Abram Duryee
Abram Duryee
Grace Bartlett Kissam - 1895
Four Generations
Harvey and Grace Duryee St. Mary's Lake, Glacier Nat'l Park, 1930
Holdup Bear - Yellowstone ca. 1920
Harvey Hoag Duryee, Navajo Reservation, 1930
Melville Kissam Duryee ca. 1916
Melville K. and Grace Bartlett Kissam Duryee
Margery Ann Ackley - Confirmation, 1937
Margery Ann Ackley, Age 15 years, 1938
Margery Ann Ackley
Mel & Marge Wedding
Abram A. Nichols, "Nicken" - December 1959
Margery Ann Ackley, ca. 1955
Duryee Family, Rancho Cascabel, California
Mark Kent Duryee, ca. 1962
Mark Kent Duryee - ca. 1968
Michael Zucca Duryee, Gulf of California, July 1975
Michael Zucca Duryee, Gulf of California, 1975
Winter at Rancho Cascabel - 1987


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